Get the best, most unique and exciting toy guns you can find anywhere. Rubber band guns offer hours of delight, joy and entertainment for all ages. They're safe when properly used, fun and unusual. We offer many, many styles of guns that shoot12 high powered rubber bands in rapid fire. Our guns have a patented trigger mechanism, that allows you to fire off 12 rounds as quick as you can pull the trigger. We have various styles of pistols and rifles and offer plenty of accessories. Our rapid fire rubber band guns are sturdy, made of solid poplar wood and are hand crafted, and they're made right here in the U.S. Of  A. No cheap Chinese knock offs that fall apart in your hand.

Shoot cans. Shoot targets. These guns offer anyone with a great imagination a fun toy that actually projects something but is far less dangerous than a BB gun, pellet gun, air gun or real gun. The rubber band gun craze is growing across country as the word spreads about the great fun that can be had with them. We even give you a free LED laser light and free rubber bands with each and every gun you purchase.
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